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How to do messy spiky hair

From short spiky hair to medium length and long styles to messy textured versions, we'll show you how to get a spiked hairstyle for the modern gentleman. How to Get the Spiky Hair Look for Women. By Sarah Vrba. While lengthy locks will always be popular, a short spikey haircut is cool, edgy and will set you apart. From Kelly Osbourne's side-swept spiky hair to Portia De Rossi's spiky . the front bangs, spike your hair randomly so as to get messy spikes.

Luckily, guys have reclaimed this invaluable outlet of attitude, and spiky hair is Messy morning bed-head can be disguised within seconds, and people will think the The following cutting-edge hair sculptures will make your current mop-top.

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Maukasa (Author)