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How to measure dc milliamps

Apr 13, Current is measured in amps, and one-thousandth of an amp is called a milliamp. Multimeters can function as ammeters (measurers of current). To measure a mA loop signal with a process clamp meter: Select the mA dc measurement function and connect the test leads for mA measure; Locate the . To measure amperage, you need to set the function to either measure AC amperage or DC amperage, depending on the electrical system you are testing.

Electric current is measured in amperes, but actually in most electronics work, Set your multimeter's range selector to a DC milliamp range of at least 20 mA. A digital multimeter can measure AC and DC current. divided by resistance, so if the voltage drop is volts, the current is amps or milliamps. Milliamp-hours, or mAh, are the units technicians use to measure a battery's Set the multimeter's control knob to read direct current, or DC, in the milliamp .

Tutorial to learn measuring voltage and current using a multimeter. In this tutorial, we will be measuring DC voltage and current in the circuit. How to Measure. Jul 5, Today we're discussing how to use a meter to measure current, also and the multimeter is reading mA (milliamps) on its sensitive setting.

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