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How to say oh okay in spanish

Translate Oh okay. See 5 authoritative translations of Oh okay in Spanish with audio pronunciations. Expert articles on how to use the Spanish Language. Translate Oh ok cool. See Spanish-English translations with audio pronunciations, examples, and Expert articles on how to use the Spanish Language. I use this phrase all the time in English, and was wondering what you'd generally say in Spanish in these situations. Examples: So you said.

Okay Idioms & Sayings. How does one say 'okay' in Spanish? . Oh, and by the way, if one were to stick to the sound, we would still write it. or “oh my god” in response to a bad event that has just taken place, such as This is how you say “ok” without saying “ok”, which is, by the way. Question 1 Okay, so I'm looking for a word that means okay (or How do you say "black person" in Spanish? Is it just Oh, I forgot to say that!.

W wait. Olvidar works like forget in English. The one doing the forgetting is the subject and the forgotten thing is the object. Yo olvidé mi cita. Not every Spanish slang word that means "cool" is actually cool to use. There are plenty of ways to say “cool,” but some are decidedly less cool than others. Check out these useful Spanish phrases, including “Good morning”, In English we generally don't say “goodnight” as a greeting; it's more often used when tal? or cómo estás, you can simply reply with bien to let them know you're okay.

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