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How to say older brother in navajo

ádí (shádí / nádí / bádí) – older sister; adeezhí (shideezhí / nideezhí / bideezhí) – younger sister; ánaaí (shínaaí / nínaaí / bínaaí) – older brother; atsilí (shitsilí. older brother translation in English-Navajo dictionary. brother translation in English-Navajo dictionary. en 9 Older brothers should not feel discouraged when they need to give some responsibilities to younger men.

brother, shinaaí (older); shitsilí (younger). sister, shiadí (older); shideezhi ( younger). uncle, shibízhí shizhéʼé yázhí (father's brother) shidá'í (mother's brother). yá'át'ééh shitsilí - hello my younger brotheryá'át'ééh shinaaí - hello my older brother. The correct way to say i love you in Navajo "ayoo aniinish'ni". Answered My older brother, your older brother, his/her/it's older brother. Younger brother.

ánaaí --someone's older brothershinaaí -- my olderbrotherninaaí -- your olderbrotherhánaaí-- older brother in fourth person (one's older. My Little brother in Navajo is shitsilí atsilí -- someone's little brother nitsilí In some games they say that MARIO is older than Luigi, others say that they are. I am using the textbook "Diné bizaad: Speak, Read, Write Navajo" with audio. You can He has an older and a younger brother. He has no.

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