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How to serve focaccia bread

Focaccia is an Italian flat bread often baked with olives, oils, herbs and other ingredients. The bread has a similar texture to pizza crust, and it can be used as an. Thick Focaccia Bread with Garlic and Cheese Dipping Oil Recipe Thick seasoned focaccia bread served with garlic and Parmesan dipping. It depends if it's gonna be the main dish or just used as bread. 1) You can cut in large squares and make really good sandwiches. Ham, mozzarella, sliced.

What better way to celebrate summer than with an ode to my favorite flatbread, focaccia? Or, make then cut into squares to serve. Or just rip. You might like to try a simple recipe for rosemary, olive or tomato focaccia, which I often serve as a snack between meals, slice into strips as a bread. Focaccia is the perfect dinner party dish because it's a blank bread canvas. Here's a recipe from The Chopping Block.

Cut it into generous wedges and serve with olive oil and balsamic vinegar for dipping. Focaccia. by Paul Hollywood. This focaccia recipe is easy to make and. One Hour Rosemary Focaccia Bread is classic focaccia bread made in a Serve this One Hour Focaccia Bread with olive oil and balsamic. If hunger is the problem, focaccia bread sandwiches are absolutely the solution. Focaccia bread is a unique vessel for just about any type of.

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