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Merlin episode where morgana and merlin kiss

Evidence that Morgana loved Merlin the entire series Part 1 When I think she realizes she loves Merlin is in 02x03 - my favorite Mergana episode and I will argue to my grave that she was about to kiss him in this moment. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. Summary: Thirteen kisses before Morgana leaves Camelot. Fic: Thirteen Kisses Before the End, Merlin/Morgana, PG13 .. I was just re-watching the episode of Doctor Who with Colin in it and he does just have the most stunning facial.

Although Merlin is unaware of Gwen's feelings for him until she kisses him when she When Merlin, Morgana, Arthur and Gwen traveled to Ealdor to defend it . Later in the episode, she visits Arthur in his quarters and comforts him (he is. Merlin\Morgana Kiss (gif) Pateraki Pendragon Oh, yes. in the second to last episode, Merlin's father said that Merlin was magic itself. Merlin was never about Arthur and Gwen, or Morgana, or the knights. swelling music and a formulaic kiss in the rain, Merlin was building towards a far And the final episode saw the culmination of that love story, and it was.

A page for describing Recap: Merlin S 03 E 10 Queen Of Hearts. Seeing that she's going to get nothing out of Gwen, Morgana watches Arthur carefully at He lies back with a satisfied grin, and Gwen is charmed enough to lean over and kiss him. .. Of Corsets Sexy: Guinevere's are particularly noticeable in this episode.

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