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What does scaridae mean

Define Scaridae. Scaridae synonyms, Scaridae pronunciation, Scaridae translation, English dictionary definition of Scaridae. Noun 1. Scaridae - parrotfishes. Parrotfishes are a group of marine species found in relatively shallow tropical and subtropical . This means that some females do not change sex (they remain females throughout their lives), the ones that do change from female to male do it. The parrotfish family is remarkably uniform in many aspects and all species .. parrotfish (S. cretense), are secondary gonochorist, meaning some females do.

Parrotfish definition, any of various chiefly tropical marine fishes, especially of the family Scaridae: so called because of their brilliant coloring and the shape of. Parrotfish definition is - any of a family (Scaridae) of usually brightly colored chiefly tropical marine fishes that have the teeth in each jaw fused into a cutting plate. Definition of parrotfish - any of a number of brightly coloured marine fish with a parrot-like beak, which they use to scrape food from coral and other hard.

Meet the incredible parrotfish, whose coral-crunching bite can be heard on tropical reefs worldwide. Find out how they change genders to promote a harem . on examinations of 69 of the 80 species of Scaridae recognised in this study. The analyses also indicate that the subfamily Sparisomatinae is paraphyletic. A. Parrotfish Taxonomy Kingdom: Animalia All Parrotfish are members of the Scaridae family. Currently 80 species have been identified, Phylum: Chordata twelve. Jan 7, total length (±1 s.d.): blue dots represent mean length, and pink lines represent the . Parrotfish are sequential protogynous hermaphrodites.

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