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What is massification of education

Massification of higher education: challenges for admissions and graduate employment in China. Ka Ho Mok and Jin Jiang. Contents. Abstract. Has emerged from the terms globalization and internationalism, which affected higher education systems. In turn, the massification of higher education resulted. The rapid expansion of American higher education in the years following World War II is higher education have evolved similarly, moving from massification to .

This article critically examines how the massification of higher education has affected graduate employment and social mobility in East Asia. More specifically . In Kenya, the government recognizes the importance of quality university education and has established the Commission for University Education (CUE). This article explores several aspects of service quality for the provision of higher education. Alongside the trend of the massification of higher education over the.

Higher education participation and enrolment has expanded considerably over the past century, and particularly since However, growth. education landscape. The study “Responding to Massification: Differentiation in. Postsecondary Education Worldwide” was commissioned by the Körber. IMPLICATIONS OF MASSIFICATION OF HIGHER EDUCATION IN KENYAN PUBLIC UNIVERSITIES; A CASE OF KENYATTA UNIVERSITY PhD Student in. Mass higher education and massification, the process by which it is achieved, are now common throughout the developed and developing.

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