2004 bmw 530i idles rough when brake

BMW Repair Guide | rough idle repair | please read our article on a quick and easy repair to cure the rough idle on your BMW. E60 Discussion - rough idle when pulling up to stop lights - xi, 32k miles but once I am stopped and in drive, holding the brake pedal down every I mean for a second there I didn't think I had brakes they are soo stiff it's ; Location: Martinsville VA; Posts: 2,; My Cars: i BMW I replaced the line and it alleviated the hard brake issue, but i still had a rough idle. 3 series & 4 Series (E21, E30, E36, E46, E9x, F30, F32, F33, F36, F44).

If you are chasing an illusive rough idle and/or Lean codes at idle that you Often power brake boosters leaking vacuum will cause the STFT to by very high, +20 .. Should not be long before EVERY E46 will need a booster. rough idle, rough acceleration, no power etc E39 ( - ) year car and lasted until the when the E60 chassis was released. . oh and the fuel meter dipping does that because the car is engine braking. basically the or newer yes! all BMW E60, X3, X5, i,i,i,i,i,i,i. Check if the vacuum brake pump is connected properly or is even working Given that it happens after the engine has been idle for some time.

My car idles rough and it is worse when I have the car in Drive and I'm just holding the brake. When I start driving again it will wind out, however. Why is the engine "revving" as I am braking, and the car is difficult to stop? The car has a really rough idle and wants to stall when the MAF is plugged in.

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