Actors who served time in prison

16 celebrities who have spent time in prison for being very naughty What A Girl Wants star Amanda served one day in prison for driving. O.J. Simpson, Tim Allen and other celebrities who have served or are serving time behind bars. Unspeakable Crimes 24 Actors Who Have Done Real Time in Prison to two years in prison for attempted murder and served 45 days of the prison sentence.

Famous People Who Have Served Time in Jail. A significant part of newsworthy items today comprise celebrity arrests for some misdemeanor. Instead of posing for photos on the red carpet, these actors were taking mug shots After his time in prison, he will also spend 20 years under. He spent several hours in a jail cell before being released. Brolin confessed that the police were “very sweet” to him during his time. The actor.

Some stars have spent a little bit of time in jail. plenty of celebrities you may have forgotten have served time in prison or detention centers. Here's a list of celebrities you definitely forgot spent time in the slammer: Wahlberg served 45 days of a three-month sentence in jail when he. Celebrities can get into trouble too! While we tend to assume that fame affords a few get out of jail free cards, a number of celebrities have served real time in the. The Time: Served two months of a four-month sentence. Steve Earle Sid Vicious & Nancy Spungen Musicians Who Spent Time In Prison. Sid Vicious & Nancy.

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