How do you use a zip drive

Instructions Step 1: Hook up Zip drive Plug the Zip drive into the computer. Unless the drive slot is internal, the Zip drive will attach through a USB or. Plug the USB flash drive into a USB port. If you're using a laptop, the USB ports are located on the sides of the unit. On a desktop. USB memory sticks (a.k.a. flash drives or thumb drives) are handy little Beginning computer users may not know how to use a USB memory.

Get to know the Windows flash drive options you have available to you when using this operating system in this free lesson. How to Use a Flash Drive. Do It Yourself. Level of difficulty: Easy A flash drive, also called a pen drive, thumb drive, or memory stick, is a commonly used name . A Flash Drive is a small self-powered drive that connects to a computer directly through a USB port. It's both Mac and PC compatible, so you.

Using Windows 7 or Vista 1. Plug the USB flash drive directly into an available USB port. NOTE: A message indicating that a new device has. How to Use a Memory Stick on a Mac. A memory stick (also known as flash drive or thumb drive) is used to store data in a convenient, portable way. Transferring.

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