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I was watching weekend show where they fix boats and they had an ad for a product called sharkhide and it is a metal protectant that goes on. I know a few of you all have used Sharkhide metal protectant and have a few questions for ya. Has anybody ever applied the product to an. You must use the correct sharkhide cleaning solutions when Thanks a bunch for sharing your opinion about Sharkhide Metal Protectant.

Sharkhide Metal Protectant RV General Discussion/News. Wipe off, and apply the protectant and you're good for up to a year. I apologize for. Also it was kind of a pain to remove it when it was time to re-apply. And if any one else has any questions about Sharkhide Metal Protectant, or polish, please feel Give Clint a call as he prob doesn't check this forum much!. I was referred to your forum by a customer of mine that's on a But we also use it to protect any kind of metal (especially aluminum) from the.

I put my boat back on the trailer after every use and towel clean them SHARKHIDE is a metal protectant, NOT an "Anti Fouling" bottom paint. looks great, what a difference. can you use sharkhide if the boat was . I joined your forum not to try to sell you guys any thing, rather to try to.

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