How to draw rikku final fantasy x

Fantasy Characters. Learn how to draw Tifa Lockhart and Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy! You can do it by following these simple steps. Near the topmost of the paper, draw a circle for the head. How to. Make Rikku's (from FFX 2) Costume. Rikku from Final Fantasy X fanart drawing #finalfantasy #digitalart #drawing # rikku. FFX-2 Rikku festival goer Once I get her wig done for another dress sphere, I'll have to make this quick for fun!!! Rikku and Yuna Cosplay from FFX2 by.

Read Rikku from Final Fantasy X (chibi) from the story My anime drawings:D by I draw in black and white. anyway, enjoy:3 *I do not own the characters I've. Happy Easter all, This time I decided to upload my first attemp to draw Rikku from Final Fantasy X This was done in Rikku Final. This drawing is, I think, one of the main pictures of the three characters in Final Fantasy X It's Rikku in her thief or main outfit (since I never.

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