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Manchester City and Arsenal have been revealed as the teams to profit most with Howard Webb in charge over the past five Premier League seasons. It is worth noting that the authorities did seem to enjoy allocating Webb to referee United games during this period. Another interesting. All the stats as the referee retires. Many opposition Manchester United penalties Do you think Howard Webb favoured Manchester United?. 9 - Howard Webb awarded nine penalties to Man Utd in the Premier @optajoe cc @olowodeogratias @tunchimaxmillan read those stats.

Telegraph Sport looks at the stats ahead of Howard Webb taking charge PENALTIES, YELLOWS, REDS. Chelsea, 17, 0, 5, 0. Man Utd, 14, 0. WC, , Colombia · 2: 1 · Ivory Coast. 2x. EPL, , Hull · 0: 2 · Everton. 1x. EPL, 2x. Manchester United · 0: 1 · Sunderland. 1x. With Howard Webb awarding Man United two penalties at Stamford that Webb is biased, but do the stats support the conspiracy theory?.

Howard Webb had a 'mare in Arsenal's FA Cup triumph against while he was still a ref with the ex-Man United gaffer, said Webb should “take a long has awarded in the Premier League this season, plus more stats for. Below I consider Howard Webb's key impacts on Manchester United games. Looking at sending offs, penalties and match win/draw/loss rates. Manchester United have been awarded 5 penalties by Howard Webb in his 21 matches in charge (3 in their 8 home games and 2 in their Webb recalls a debatable penalty that was awarded to United when they played Tottenham Hotspur.

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