What does caught bae slippin mean

Top definition. slippinunknown He better be careful, he gone get took once someone catch that ass slippin. Person 1: Do you really go out with Peter?. Top definition. caught slippinunknown. to be caught off guard, in a very bad way. that bitch in the lexus got caught slippin. that fool from th street got caught. To catch someone by surprise or off guard. Top definition. catch If you dont give me the money you owe me im going to catch you slippin.

This way you are less likely to slip, and if you do you will most likely The title is a parody of the popular meme Bae caught me slippin, which . I mean - I know it's a reference to another (possibly annoying) post but really?. Maybe this meme can help explain what I mean. The poor girl wanted the same thing I do - to be special in someone's eyes, and to be viewed. You said you had given up smoking, but then I catch you slipping having a It means to catch someone off garud (Catch you slippin') or to get.

ENTITY reports on what does bae mean Save The word then became a trend on Twitter in with the meme “bae caught me slippin.'”. On Twitter, some actors are confused about what "bae" means. "Bae caught me slippin'" has become a popular meme, in which people take. I mean, it was in the title of mildly successful Pharrell song ("Come as "bae caught me slippin'", "cooking for bae," and "you got a bae or nah?.

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