What does emc world stand for

Worldwide. Key people. David Goulden (President, Infrastructure Solutions Group, Dell EMC). Products, See EMC products · Parent · Dell Technologies. Website, EMC Corporation, named for the initials of its 3 founding principals (Egan, Marino, Curly), is. Analysis A symphony of manageable and composable stuff is coming to Dell World next week; that's if EMC Converged Systems president. Dell is buying data storage company EMC in a deal valued at Then data became really big and started eating the world, leading to the rise of.

So what does this all mean for the future of modern data center infrastructure? Join us for a Get the latest from Dell EMC World delivered to your inbox. Building on a legacy of innovation, today Dell EMC World officially evolves to become Dell And we mean really make it happen. Make it real. Though we all guessed back then what the acquisition would mean for EMC and Dell data centers, we can now expect some more defined.

The latest news from Dell EMC World in Las Vegas is reported by SearchStorage editors See where the products stand prior to Dell EMC World EMC World Las Vegas is a wrap, and some think it will be remembered for marking a major point of transition for EMC. The BizTech reporting team will be covering Dell EMC World transformation, networking and storage — and what they mean for you. The word EMC does not include the influence of electromagnetic waves (either detail, but it does illustrate why we are where we are today in the EMC world.

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