What is test tube baby in islam

What is the ruling on so-called test-tube babies? Answer. Praise be to Allaah. This matter has been studied by the Islamic Fiqh Council (Majma'. But the Muslim should beware of false ways involving sihr Britain, and the director of the test tube baby unit in the new Dar al-Shifa' Hospital. is ir right to have test tube babies, if 1 cant have 1. Salaam. Please clarify/ explain . Is it permissable in Islam: IVF/ TESTTUBE BABY SERROGATE MOTHERS.

Therefore, the application of test tube baby is not permissible for a woman Islam gives great importance to the preservation of the generation. The child in such a case by all means would be legal and legitimate. condition for obtaining a test tube baby would be considered un-Islamic. A. (Dr. Zakir): Sister has posed a question, can I comment on artificial insemination and test-tube babies. Whether it is allowed or not in Islam – That is what she.

Q:) Can you give me a fatwa on Test-Tube babies. My brother who is childless wants to go for this medical treatement in order to have children. But a friend of. Meerut: Putting their followers in a piquant situation, clerics in Deoband, the seat of the country's biggest Islamic seminary, have come to the.

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Zulkigal (Author)