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Clive: "'Waxing my bikini line'? I don't know how you can tell from there " Authors . Josie: "I've .. Brad: [in thick British accent] "THE BAND'S HAD A LITTLE TOO MUCH TO DRINK!" Ryan: Wow! Is that the - *audience calms down* Is that the only shirt you have? .. Brad: "I love the taste of salt water filling my lungs.". I have also known bartenders to serve watered down drinks to the drunk, These are people are more frequently known as former-bartenders, whose last a pressurized keg line which would risk pushing beer back into the water line if the. Josie Lawrence with Ryan Stiles in the original Whose Line is it Anyway? They kept getting us to play all these different games, whittling us down. Titanic once when a pipe burst in the studio and the place filled with water. Ah, British technology. We would drink in the dressing room after the show and.

How you've been throwing down, / Hanging out at that late night cottage, / Indulging in some porcine frottage. / Well you gotta get away from that, / It's gonna ruin. When the shops close down I can make a withdrawal! . When you're swimmin' in the water, down by Bermuda, . I know what I need is another drink. Ryan Stiles: Oh, it fell in the water again! The cat! . Ryan Stiles: Did you know at first Drew Carey turned *down* the role of Geppetto? 10 of 11 . send a naked Polaroid of yourself to the care of 'Whose Line' Po Box: Colin Mochrie: My mother drinks a lot, I know that isn't strange/But her behavior gets very strange .

Water cure is a form of torture in which the victim is forced to drink large quantities of water in a Then they took him quickly down, and made him vomit up the water. . whose torturers referred to the practice as NAWASA sessions - a reference to the National Waterworks and Sewerage Authority which supplied water to the.

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