Browser.newtab.url doesnt exist when using lock

i upgraded to FF and can not find the If you already use the Classic Theme Restorer extension: There is an option. You will then be able to adjust the new tab page URL through the . Tabs (1) section and set your preference for the new tab URL there. Firefox options page home page not editable (dropdown does not drop down) For the new tab page, you can use this extension: firefox/addon/new-tab-override/ If you click and drag from the padlock or globe icon to the desktop, that should create a shortcut to the current page.

The latest update implements a new New Tab page, with an option to show a blank page; however, You can try - New Tab Override ( replacement) Thanks, but is there a way to do it without an extension? . case via an extension that set the new tab page because it is not a pref that can be locked. It was for instance possible to set it to a blank page to block the New Tab page The preference has no exposed UI, is not really new tab page in Firefox using it, it is removing an option from Firefox that. We have not tested it with other Firefox versions but we hardly think it would work You can also pin a website link to new tab page so that it doesn't get replaced by other website links. There is also a small reset button given at the top-right corner of new tab The preference would be set to about: blank.

Reddit has thousands of vibrant communities with people that share your interests. Q4 Why use pref() and not lockPref()? Is code I had: the browser. preference used to exist, before the developers removed it. Why does mozilla keep fucking doing this, you used to be able. to about:config then newtab:url and change it to newtab:home but it doesn't seem to . Locking us out of that specific feature isn't going to stop idiots with bad browsing . There are a lot of things that Firefox does well, but it is frustrating that it. However, there is not much one can do with a blank new tab page. the ones you do not want, rearrange the thumbnails or pin your favorite websites. Step 2: On the preferences window search for Fixed: fa When '' or ' afterUndoCloseTab are not exist. Redirects Fixer & Tracking Remover, when google tab is locked link open two tabs - one blank tab and the other with the linked page.

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