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Welcome to Our aim is to provide resources for players of the Doctor Who Legacy mobile game developed by Tiny Rebel Games. Come join us by becoming. Doctor Who: Legacy was a freemium game released to the iOS, Android, and Facebook platforms in the wake of the 50th anniversary special. Initially billed as . Expert Levels is a special set of levels introduced in the Version update. The levels in this pack are designed to be a challenge for expert players. On successful completion, these levels yield more powerful versions of existing allies at % drop rate.

Doctor Who: Legacy is a match-3 puzzle RPG video game released on 27 November based upon the BBC television programme, developed by American. The Doctor Who: Legacy Wiki Is Here! Join the DrWhoLegacy). submitted . ContestGiving out Doctor Who: Legacy the Game - Husbands of River Song (self. Guide to the vibrant Doctor Who Legacy community.

To use the codes, enter the game and from the main menu select "Options" then select "Promo." If you try to use a code a second time, the. Legacy Prestige was a one-time special Reward for certain Players of Dead by With every Level of Prestige obtained, the Player was granted one Legacy. This category features characters of the Mortal Kombat web series named Mortal Kombat: Legacy.

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