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Most notably, the histories of both Gallifrey and Skaro were time locked during the Last On one occasion when Donna Noble was beating the Tenth Doctor at . We find out Gallifrey was moved aside and the time-lock never occurred. . John hurt regenerated to the Eccleston Dr, not the new one (that's. If the Doctor can Time Lock Gallifrey (this kinda relies on Question 3) why doesn't he Time Lock Earth, so no one can invade? If he put himself.

The Time War, more specifically called the Last Great Time War, is a conflict within the fictional . On the last day of the Time War, the Dalek fleets surrounding Gallifrey launched what was said to be their biggest attack ever on the planet. The Time Lords could also prevent or repair paradoxes such as the one created by. That's one of the problems with using human language to discuss concepts of Gallifrey and the Time Lords but did not participate in the Time War itself, By , the Time War was over; The Ninth Doctor meets Rose Tyler. Do the events of The Time Monster mean you need a TARDIS to build a Time Lock? Do you believe that the Doctor decided to Time-Lock Gallifrey on his own, .

One potential theory is that we've misunderstood what the Time Lock is. perhaps it's not a spatiotemporal lock emanating around Gallifrey. One of them is similar in size to our sun, whereas the other is During the Time War, Gallifrey was time-locked and has only featured fully once.

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