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Bridge Investigation Worksheets. The Long and Short of American Bridges Worksheet. . Suspension bridges are strong and can span long distances. in the long-span record books because of its extreme These modern ultra- slender bridges are economical in suspension bridges, over the River Tweed. These towers support the majority of the weight as compression pushes down on the suspension bridge's deck and then travels up the cables, ropes or chains to.

Through building this model, you'll understand the principles of force distribution and how engineers use cables to accomplish this in suspension bridges. Let us help you test how well you understand what suspension bridges are and how they work with our short worksheet and quiz. These quiz questions. You may have to clarify the difference between suspension and cable-stayed Students watch the video and take notes (Megabridges Worksheet: Activity 2).

worksheet. (part 1 & 2) to each student. Part 1: Types of Bridges. 2. For Part 1, ask students if the bridges are beam, truss, suspension or arch bridges?. If you've ever seen pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, you know that the function of suspension bridges can be exceeded by their beauty and. Working in teams and guided by a workbook, students will be provided with an overview of suspension bridges before being challenged to design various. Sounds easy, perhaps, but which type of bridge do you use? A modern suspension bridge was built alongside in the s to ferry cars across .. Further reading. Books. Why did the bridge collapse? by Elizabeth Stawicki.

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