How to clean catfish for cooking

Once you clean the catfish and thoroughly wash the fillets you can always cook them fresh but that's not always an option so you may have to freeze them. Cleaning of catfish can be done for cooking, smoking, frying or baking. This is done by washing the catfish with water together with other. household tools. After you clean your catfish, you can cut it into filets so they're ready to eat! . Only use cold water since hot water could start cooking the fish.

Here is the process without further ado. from 2 reviews. How To Clean Catfish . Save Print. Prep time. 2 mins. Cook time. 2 mins. Total time. Then there's the point of cleaning the fish for cooking. The catfish has acquired a reputation for being difficult to skin and clean, due to its tough thick skin and. By first skinning the catfish, you can then either fillet it easily or leave it whole — but gutted — for frying that Catch it, gut it, clean it, cook it.

Skinning and Filleting Catfish: So you caught a catfish: now what? from friends who fish, but usually catch-and-release because they're scared of cleaning fish.

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