How to find your correct draw length

Determining your proper draw length is a must so that when you do buy your archery equipment you will know exactly what your draw length is. Follow these. Online help guide for selecting proper draw length and draw weight for your new Determining draw length fitment begins with measuring the person (more on. Even if you think you know what your draw length is, I encourage you to read this If we want to be more accurate archers, and more effective.

There are a few things you need to take into account for determining the proper draw length. Draw Length is the distance from the nock point to the throat of the grip plus 1 3/4 ". Typically, this length will also be about the same length of arrow needed by. How do you determine your draw length? on something you already know plenty about—the importance of shooting a bow that fits your proper draw length.

When it comes to shooting your bow to the very best of your ability, it's critical to find your correct draw length. So many people walk into an.

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Arashiran (Author)