How to make basketball shaped cookies

I still like football better, but one thing we can agree on is sharing a few simple basketball cookies. Begin by baking a batch of your favorite sugar cookie recipe. Mix the orange and black colored royal icing and place in your decorating bags or bottles. I don't usually get excited about basketball cookies, but ever since spotting Jill FCS's To make decorated basketball cookies you will need. As college basketball ensues, you're going to want to have a great cookie recipe to fall back on. These treats are a quick and easy way to get into the sporty spirit.

I have included my recipe for sugar cookies at the bottom of this post. I have tried to make this is simple as possible, especially for a newbie like me. He asked if we could make basketball sugar cookies. Of course, I said! And thank you for not asking for something so overly complicated!. I didn't need a special basketball player cookie cutter to shape these sporty cookies—gingerbread men cutters make the team! I like this cookie's rich taste better.

Our frosted Basketball Cookies make great treats and party favors. These cutout cookies shaped as basketballs are available online!. Basketball Sugar Cookies. Great for boy and girl birthday party favors or team celebration cookies. Order is for one dozen (12) cookies. WhtevermakesUhappy.

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