How to remove a stuck starter bolt

It may be important to note that different models of cars may have different styles of starter bolts. Keeping that in mind, the steps below are for removing the. two bolts to come loose. one of them feels like it is seized bc it pops and. I use 36" extensions when I remove the starter and bellhousing. I'm trying to remove my starter and have the car on jack stands in the garage but can't seem to get the damn bolts to budge. I used a standard.

Join Date: Sep Location: Kirkland. Posts: My Photos: (0). Feedback Score: 0 reviews. Removing a seriously STUCK starter bolt. Sometimes all a stuck bolt needs is a couple of pings with a hammer to get it to start breaking loose. Simply take a metal hammer and give it a. I can not get the 19mm starter mounting bolts to budge. Tried spraying some bolt freeing stuff (Blaster Chemical's PB Penetrating Catalyst to be.

To remove a really stuck bolt, get some good penetrant—nothing If you neglect to close the valve, you'll start to lose gas as soon as you. I went to remove it today but stopped when I couldn't get the two starter mounting. The bolts are probalby seized in the starter not the block.

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