How to say some in japanese

You may still say "いくつか" to mean "some", but it would even rather sound The same way there is no definite article in Japanese, indefinite. You're on the plane to Japan but you didn't study any Japanese? So if your friend is late, say 遅いです (osoi desu – You're late)! If something (or someone). Need to translate "some" to Japanese? Here are 12 ways to say it.

To give an example: Some people can do it (ある人ができる) There isn't a concept of "some" in Japanese, so you have to use another words. こんにちは! Are you interested in learning how to say that you like something in Japanese? Let's practice with fruit. 私は果物が好きです。 Watashi wa kudamono. Japanese language also has many varieties of "good" equivalents. If you're saying something is good, "いい/良い です" (ii/yoi Des(u)) is what you want to say.

One way to learn words is to ask questions. If you don't know how to say something, just ask “Nihongo de nanto iimasuka?” You can use this to learn words like. For example, 'my hand is in water'. The closest I can get to this is '私の手は水で いる'. Is this correct? I've heard something about the.

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