How to tie twist and knot wrappers

How to tie the Knot Wrapper/Lily Wrap dress(Aso Ebi inspiration). Ms Asoebi: Trends that rocked weddings Twist knot wrapper, yellow and silver/. Nigerian Wedding DIY- VIDEO Tutorial on How To Tie The Twist & Knot Wrapper. The third video will show you the steps on how to tie knot/ twist wrapper (which is a trendy, skirt style of tying wrappers, favored by most young.

“When you tie the paper wrapping of a straw into a knot, if the knot breaks, nothing happens, but if you end up with an intact knot, it means. The Knotted wrapper was one of the fashion trends of in Nigeria that we all aww there is no HOW TO. i would love to know how to tie it.

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Taukree (Author)