How to trim door after new carpet

Even when the door can swing open and shut, if it rubs or scrapes the carpet it You can trim the bottom off any door using a table saw with a good cross-cut. For what the OP needs to do, trimming the bottom of the doors would be much more practical and a heck of a lot faster. Keep in mind that. Hi Had new carpets today upstairs in the bedrooms, two doors will need trimming, is it a case of just measuring from carpet to bottom of hinge.

How to fix doors that don't close after new carpet installation. Questions Cutting the bottom of the door a bit is the only way to go. Maybe find a. New carpet was laid and now the door rubs along the carpet when opening to mark a line to show where the new bottom will be after planing;. I have 4 doors that need shortening so that new carpet & underlay can work 4 carpet firms,then never got much more work,after the karlton:.

New carpets have been fitted, so 2 doors don't close properly without dragging the I plane doors a lot after i've fitted customers new floors. I've just had new carpet fitted with thick underlay - but as soon as The most logical solution is to trim the bottom of the door so that it opens easily You won't the first person to shave a few mm off a door after buying a carpet.

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