How to use a brake shoe gauge

Use the tip of a flat head screwdriver to scrape away any mud that you find. If the gauge could not fit between the drum and brake pad or shoe on the second. Buy OTC Brake Pad Gauge: Brake Pads - ✓ FREE However some brake pads don't have enough clearance to use and as others have. With the brake not applied, place the tip of the gauge labeled minimum lining thickness between the two lining blocks, between the top of the shoe table and.

Ease of use typifies this up-sell tool. When he was sent an OTC Brake Pad Gauge to put to the test, his mind immediately raced to the. INSTANTLY DISPLAYS DRUM WEAR IN THOUSANDTHS OF AN INCH OR MM. Brake Drum Gauges. THE CORRECT TOOL FOR EVERY JOB the brake. The OTC Brake Pad Gauge gives accurate measurement of brake pads to find out how much life is remaining without removing any components.

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