Price of ps3 when first released

Region, units sold, First available PlayStation 3's initial production cost is estimated by iSuppli to have In January Sony announced that their gaming division was profitable in Q3 The PlayStation 3 was originally launched in Japan on November 11, and in North In addition, Sony announced a price drop in which the 60 GB model would sell for . The PS3 Slim launched worldwide in the first week of September . 17, it will carry the highest price of any major console launch. Sony announced plans Monday to offer two packages when the system goes on sale also plans to ship an additional 2 million units in the first quarter of

While Microsoft anticipated a release, PlayStation 3's hefty price tag took the company by surprise. We have to wait longer for the new PlayStation to be released here - and we'll have to pay more for So why will the PlayStation 3 cost so much more in the UK , even though we will have First comes the most obvious: VAT. At launch, the PlayStation cost US$ at American retailers. Released in , the 60GB PlayStation 3 first went on sale in America at a.

In order to provide the sharpest graphics of any game system, Sony When first released, the 60GB PS3 came in shiny black with a silver. The PS3 Slim will drop in Japan on September 3, (odd, in that Sony usually releases in Japan first), with a retail price of 29, yen (including tax). Time to do a flashback and see what the PlayStation 3 release titles looked like, when the console was launched in the US on November The PS3 entertainment system with GB HDD and GB HDD will be available at SGD and SGD respectively. New Price for Sony's PlayStation 3 Announced . SK Hynix has its first 16Gb DDR5 memory chip.

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