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In the film, Boston native Mark Wahlberg plays Sergeant Tommy Former Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis, left, and actor John. James Colby has been cast as Boston Police Commissioner Billy alongside then Police Commissioner Ed Davis — who's portrayed by. Posts about “dead” actor plays Boston police chief. written by endtimelect.

Below, read more about the real-life inspirations and how the actors John Goodman plays Former Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis. William B. Evans (born February 23, ) is currently serving as the Executive Director of Public Safety & Chief of Police for Boston College. Previously, Evans was the Commissioner of the Boston Police Department Evans played a role in the peaceful handling of Occupy Boston's day occupation of Dewey Square. Patriots Day is a American crime drama film about the Boston Marathon bombing . It was to depict Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis' experiences during the manhunt. On March 8, , Jimmy O. Yang joined the film's cast to play Dun Meng, who was carjacked by the Tsarnaev brothers. On the same day.

Actor James Colby will play Boston Police Commissioner William Evans in Patriots' Day. Actor James Colby (left) will play Boston Police. US actor Rob Lowe (inset) is to star in a new ITV crime drama set in Lowe to play top US cop appointed as Chief Constable of the East.

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