Honda wont start when hot outside

I have replaced my main fuse still will not start when it's hot outside. What causes my Honda Accord won't start in extreme cold and hot weather?. If your Honda Accord, Civic, Prelude, CRX, or another model won't start when the engine is hot, you might have a faulty main relay. I left my house this morning when it was cool outside. Didn't have a problem. This afternoon though when the temperature was at it's peak the.

Hi All, I have this weird phenomena recently. When I start my car in the morning while cold outside, it starts right away really good in a touch, but after. I have a Honda Civic SI and my car has the opposite problem. When it gets cold outside, it will start but won't stay started. I have to let it warm up for like My daughter's Honda Accord did the same thing. I discovered that the main relay had to be replaced. Apparently the solder used in the.

It is usually a cold engine, which is exposed to extreme weather that is most often difficult to start. However, hot engines sometimes have. On a first generation Acura Legend (a Honda), this problem is almost . In fuel- injected systems, hot-start problems usually indicate that the fuel line is However, given the OP mentions that the vehicle doesn't run very well. I have a Honda Accord SE, 4-door with automatic transmission and with Whenever the engine is hot after driving for a while, I can't start it once I turned.

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