How many teleports per hour runescape bot

How many Camelot Teleports do u ppl think u could do in a solid hour of runescape? Obviously this is quicker xp than alching but comes at a. Anyone know how much per hour? Ik you Information on official RuneScape/ Jagex account support/help No bot or private server links. I am a member and spending gp is not a problem. #1 - May 29, at AM i suggest, using camelot teleport to 80 pretty sure its around k xp/h but it costs a bit. For magic MTA or Smelt bot or alch @ soulwars It's about 80K mage and 85K smithing exp per hour with AutoSuperHeat Pro.

According to the Skill Training Sticky, a teleport can be done every ~4 seconds, for an hour. At 68 experience a cast, that's 61,/hour. Thread:⭐magic-aio-stun- alch-humidify- . Got a nice 4 hour proggy superheating steel bars! Any chance you could add me on skype so I can take a look why it doesn't work at your end. Browse the full list of RSBot scripts. Supports all staves, Alchemy, Enchanting, Superheating, Teleporting, Superglass STZulrah PRO. Fully autonomous Zulrah killer. m+/hr. Features a Task Queue to select multiple logs to burn.

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