How to play gba games on dstt

I'm new - I got my DS yesterday - so can I actually play GBA roms on my DSTT card?I tried downloading some GBA loader and got Super mario. does anyone know if you can play GBA roms on a dstt flashcart and if so to should answer all your questions, but I believe it loads the games. Re: Play GBA games on TTDS?? Please don't use excessive question marks and other punctuation. The TTDS cannot play GBA games, you.

Download a ROM for your selected game. A ROM is a game file; by placing these game files on your SD card and then using the card with your. my m8 wants to play gba on his dstt card. dose he need to buy new card for it. or is he better Q: How do I play GBA games with my DSTT?. I have the TTDS that I obviously use to play NDS games. Is there anyway to play or use a GBA Emulator on the TTDS so I can relive my.

Hello, if you wan to play GBA games on you NDSL, only one DSTT card can't help you. You need get another card. There are two method. From what I understand it's simply the fact that the DSTT doesn't have the hardware required to run GBA games. That's why you can only do it.

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