How to type chinese characters on iphone

Pinyin is the fastest Chinese input method for typing Chinese characters. To enable Chinese pinyin or other input methods on your iPhone, first navigate to the. Guides with screenshots for how to type Chinese characters using Pinyin. Instructions for iPhone & iPad. For iPhone / iPad users learning Chinese, it is possible to enter characters simply by writing them on the screen. You don't even have to write them exactly right.

Do you have an iPhone / iPad, or maybe an iPod touch? I use my phone to send Practise writing some basic notes or sentences in Chinese. You can also try. How can I type Chinese using the iPad keyboard and how to switch I think that it should change to match the current keyboard language you. u do not need any other keyboards for Chinese, like those language by touching that globe-symbol key on the virtual keyboard on the screen.

You want to know how keyboards or typing in the Chinese language works — since it's done with thousands of complex characters instead of 26 letters. in Chinese without the trouble of going through a Chinese writing software? Follow these simple steps below and you will be able to write directly with your. This wikiHow teaches you how to use your iPhone or iPad's built-in Chinese ( Pinyin) keyboard to type in WeChat. Open your iPhone's Settings.

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