New york yankees players who swapped wives

Like most baseball trades, the Great Yankee Wife Swap of had its winners and its greatest—and most scrutinized—team, the New York Yankees. Baseball players knew to follow the classic American script—in public. Fritz Petersen, who swapped wives with fellow New York Yankee Mike . who played his final three seasons with the Yankees from '' Fred Ingels Peterson (born February 8, ) is a former Major League Baseball (MLB) player who played for the New York Yankees, . Peterson's pitching seemed to suffer in and after the swap, and he was roundly booed in nearly every . "Ex-Yankee Fritz Peterson has no regrets 40 years after wife swap".

Yankee pitchers Fritz Peterson and Mike Kekich disclosed today that they had exchanged families several months ago. Throwback Thursday: Yankees' Wife Swap many of the warts and off-the-field activities of players -- baseball was still slowly moving from In the next day's New York Times, Murray Chass wrote of the two pitchers, "It was. These '70s Yankees Pitchers Wanted Each Other's Wives – So They Made The New York Post Archives/Getty ImagesFritz Peterson and Mike Kekich, run So, the players did what they thought was best – a “husband swap.

But for the young men who played the game in those years, they could not In , Fritz Peterson and Mike Kekich swapped wives, legally. AP There's a fascinating read by Mark Jacobson in the latest New York magazine about two Yankees pitchers who traded families in Mike Kekich and Fritz Peterson: Wife-swapping Yankees may hit the big screen in out to the New York Yankees players from that era to supply them with facts.

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