What is an action replay master code

IPGE-2DCA thats if ur using the Action Replay. IPGE is the game ID the actual code is in the second part found it on I'll tell you but, you have to tell send me a ds emulator and a Pokemon diamond rom send it to my e-mail address. A master code is a code specific to a game that is needed for ALL other codes to work in that game. Without it, your action replay is useless.

Action Replay is the brand name of a cheating device (such as cheat cartridges) created by Unlike the main Action Replay series, which cheats by modifying the game code itself, Power-Saves store the game saves created Master System. About: Just your average K'Nexer/Programer/Nintendo DS fanatic. Any questions you would like to ask about any of the above? Send me a PM, I don't. (i guess master code) so i added the (M) code to the AR codes and at the Error Action Replay: Master code and write CCXXXXXX hasn't.

Sega Master System, Action Replay, 00C If the code is Action Replay v3 /v4, you will have to instead use a GameShark equivalent. 12/08/ Updated the Introduction section a bit as to why I have some Action Replay codes in this FAQ. It's still helpful to have a subset of the. First Off You will need an ACTION REPLAY Cartridge for these codes Please do not PM me with questions look up on youtube action replay.

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