Whatcott brothers plane crash

SYRACUSE, Utah -- Two Utah brothers died in a plane crash this past July when their single-engine cessna went down about 25 miles southwest of St. George. Nineteen-year-old Daulton Whatcott was flying his year-old brother Jaxon to a basketball tournament in Las Vegas. Dace Whatcott, left, brother of Jaxon and Daulton Whatcott, hugs another Whatcott and Daulton Whatcott, who were killed in a plane crash. The brothers were killed in a small engine plane crash near the . Jaxon Whatcott, two Clinton brothers who died in an Arizona plane crash in.

On July 20, , Aubri's brothers Daulton, 19, and Jaxon Whatcott, 16, were killed when their private plane crashed in Arizona near the Virgin. Daulton Whatcott, 19, was the pilot of a single-engine Cessna that crashed on Sunday, killing him and his brother, year-old Jaxon. two teenage brothers who died this weekend when their plane crashed near the Utah-Arizona border. Daulton Whatcott, 19, and his brother.

10PM: Searchers recover bodies of brothers killed in plane crash CLINTON — Rhett Whatcott wept as he looked out at the dozens of young. A federal investigator says the pilot of a small plane that crashed in far northwestern Newly licensed pilot, year-old Daulton Whatcott, and year- old Jaxon Whatcott, were The brothers from Clinton, Utah, died. Memorial page for our boys Daulton and Jaxon Whatcott. May we find the First time back to this Hallowed Ground where Dault & Jax crashed. First time Dace.

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