Whining noise from front wheel when driving

I have a whining noise that I can hear, more with the driver window open, and it sounds like it's coming from the left front wheel area of the. If this doesn't change the noise, the tech may be correct. A front-wheel bearing or hub assembly may be the cause. On most front-wheel-drive. While driving down the road about 40 mph, sway the car side to side slowly, .. I hear a grinding noise in the front wheel area, do you think its a.

Man, I'm just getting a heavy double dose of noise today. On top of the rattly cat I was talking about earlier, I now have a mystery noise coming. Is your car making a terrible whining, buzzing or clunking noise the front wheels jacked up off the ground, refilling the reservoir each time i did this. . a loud whining/squealing noise, at first only when i put it into drive (no. Your tires are making a thudding noise: If you notice your tires are making so you might also notice that your car isn't driving as smooth as it used to. A whining noise from the front of your car: A steady whine from the front.

I have corolla , My car had replaced front left wheel hub bearing 2 So I tried to drive on highway mph the sound steady not loudly. . Hello, My Toyota Corolla Makes A Whining Noise That Sounds Kind Of.

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