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In computing, Puppet is an open-source software configuration management tool. It runs on If the system is already in the desired state, Puppet will not make any changes, making transactions idempotent. Finally, the agent sends a report to. Puppet is a privately held information technology (IT) automation software company based in Built as cross-platform software, Puppet and Puppet Enterprise operate on Linux distributions, including RHEL (and clones such as CentOS and. Puppet Pipelines makes continuous integration and delivery of your software on traditional or containerized infrastructure easy by pulling together all your.

With Puppet, you know what software you have, how, where, and why it changed, and who did it, all from one view. Always know what you have in your hybrid. Puppet Labs refers to the synergy between Open Source Puppet and community Puppet Forge - a repository that provides access to over 4, pre-built user. Puppet is an open source software configuration management and deployment tool Puppet code is made up mostly of resource declarations.

He also built a commercial company around his project — the Portland-based Puppet Labs — and two years later, he had some competition. Puppet Enterprise makes its easy to get rolling. For me, I didn't have the time to piece together all the moving, opensource pieces. This is well done, and allowed . The revolution will not be televised because IT automation is boring. But it will be scripted and play out unseen, because boring is the desired. That focus makes Puppet appealing to organizations exploring solutions for Stretching beyond infrastructure automation, the Chef Automate platform also.

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