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How to Make a Seal. In the past, seals were used to close letters. They were made from melted wax, and then stamped with a special design, usually a family . If your friend is one of those people, then making a Harry Potter acceptance As an alternative to sealing the letter by licking it/peeling off a sticky back. Idea number 1: Invite friends to Hogwarts with an official looking invitation in a large, handmade envelope with red wax seal. Write your invitation on white paper.

Hogwarts Acceptance Letter W/ Wax Seal: Ever wondered how to make a Hogwarts Acceptance Letter? Well, here's how! Follow this easy step-by-step. Original Link: If vernon had flex seal and flex tape harry would have never gone to hogwarts. Every family of standing has a crest and a motto (the Blacks), schools have crests and mottos as well (Hogwarts), there are special letter seals carved with crests.

Printable Harry Potter Labels from WikiHow Make your own Harry Potter Hogwarts diploma, acceptance letter, OWL results, and much i like this one better than the penny seal. hogwarts seal made from air dry. How to Write a Harry Potter Acceptance Letter: 6 Steps - wikiHow. How to Write a Harry Potter .. Hogwarts Seals. Open. More information. Hogwarts Seals.

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