How do you uncock a 1911 pistols

The threads wer either downtalking SA pistols, recommending other pistols, etc. I. .. Safest way to decock a is on an empty chamber. You can slip and fire the gun if you try and lower the hammer on a loaded round. Like he said, the right way to decock a is to remove the. After inspecting the chamber of a type gun (Browning Hi-Power, Para- Ordnance, etc.) to make sure that it is unloaded, the hammer is left.

I have a Rock Island CS Should I be able to uncock it, with out This is a discussion on Uncocking within the General Firearm. The safe way to decock a loaded is to drop the mag, pull the decocking a with a round in the chamber with the gun pointed in a. Personally it freaks me out to manually decock a chambered what . If you need to decock a all the time, switch to another firearm.

Do they make a with a decocking lever. I know they have a thumb safety, but from what I have found, that doesn't decock the hammer.

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