How to make 20x ssc buffer

Prepare L 20X SSC buffer by adding: g NaCl (3M); g Sodium citrate (M). Step 2. Dissolve in ml ddH20 and adjust the pH to Step 3. Add ddH2O to a total. SSC buffer is named after its ingredients Saline (sodium chloride) and 20x SSC. ml dH2O (RNase free if required); g NaCl (3M). Recipe for the preparation of 20X SSC solution. 20X SSC Recipe. Dissolve the following in ml of distilled H2O. g of NaCl; g of sodium citrate.

Scope of Application. The 20x SSC Solution is designed to be used (after dilution ) for washing Do not use the reagents after the expiry date has been reached!. UltraPure 20X SSC is a solution formulated for use in nucleic acid hybridizations and blot transfer applications. It is used in concentrations ranging from X to 20X, depending on the application. Supplied Create. Create your first list; Create your first list. Create. What is a shared list? . North2South™ Hybridization Buffer. In biochemistry and molecular biology, the saline-sodium citrate (SSC) buffer is used as a hybridization buffer, to control stringency for washing steps in protocols for Southern blotting, in situ hybridization, DNA Microarray or Northern blotting. 20X SSC may be used to prevent drying of agarose gels during a vacuum Not logged in; Talk · Contributions · Create account · Log.

make SSC working solutions with concentrations as low as ×. It is also for use in preparing nucleic acids for hybridization. This SSC Buffer, 20× Concentrate. Sigma R type IIIA. Add 10 ml of RNase buffer to mg Or use ddH20 to make up solutions. ml. ml. x SSC. 20x SSC. 25 ml. ml. dH2O. SSC Buffer, 20X Powder Pack is a convenient pre-mixed buffer to make 1L of 20X SSC Buffer (3M NaCl, mM Sodium Citrate). Saline-Sodium Citrate Buffer . SSC Buffer, 20X, Molecular Grade (pH ), is commonly used in nucleic acid hybridization techniques at concentrations from X to 20X, depending on the.

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