How to set up a croquet lawn

So grab a few friends and some cucumber sandwiches and head to the backyard for a game of croquet. FRANKLIN SPORTS 6 PLAYER EXPERT CROQUET SET, $ An extremely challenging lawn game, croquet involves hitting your own colored ball through a circuit marked with two stakes and nine. Set up 6 hoop croquet on any lawn. While croquet can be played on any lawn, the balls will travel faster and more smoothly over short grass. Set up wickets/stakes as shown in the diagram at left and follow the order in which they are scored. The court can take any shape to fit your playing area.

The dimensions of a full-size croquet lawn (or court) for tournament play are Click here for measurements for setting out two half-size lawns on a full-size lawn . Croquet is a fun outdoor game that is played on the lawn. The most popular croquet format involves the use of nine wickets set up like a double diamond. Croquet Setup and Rules. Prepare the croquet court. A freshly mowed lawn of short grass is preferable. The court, when space permits, should be feet by

A popular version of croquet using the six hoop setting. .. Run the hoop gently with your continuation shot so that Blue ends up a yard or so the other side of the . The object of the game is to advance the balls around the lawn by hitting them The sides are made up of either one player per side (singles) or two players per side (doubles). . This is another version of croquet using the six hoop setting.

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