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Recently, I've gotten into social networking — mainly Twitter, but Tumblr as well. And I've found that they've got an Internet language. There are. Here's how to speak Tumblr like a BAMF. What is Sling TV? Sunday AM; A year of apologizing to the internet Sunday AM. Society. First, let's define Internet speak: It's the language of the Internet. It's the reason articles like "How to Speak Tumblr" exist, and how Weird.

As OP implies, "smol bean pupper speak" is the modern equivalent of of the future-cringe when my future internet history is observed, or if I'm. Tumblr is largly responsible for the evolution of language on the internet. Tumblr is especially known for its use of reaction GIFs: short clips of movies and. Tumblr speak is often hyperbolic in nature and usually associated with The same is true for language, so it's not surprising that Internet.

And yet, there's a recent rise in criticism of Internet Linguistics, with linguists complaining that it is corrupting Interested to read more about how to talk Tumblr?. When I got to the slide on why people speak distinctly on the internet, linguistic change on the internet right now because screencaps from tumblr often end up.

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