How to use after shave balm

Use a towel to pat your face dry, then apply a small dab of aftershave balm. ( Depending on the thickness of the product, you can use anywhere. After shaving, many men reach for a traditional aftershave, which can irritate sensitive skin. An aftershave balm might be a better option. Balms provide a thick . Chances Are You're Using Aftershave Wrong - Here's The Right Way Balms. This style of aftershave is more ideal for men with dry and irritant.

We're sure you know how to use aftershave balm it goes on after a fresh shave. No sh*t. But we . While we could still go on for countless more paragraphs outlining the best aftershave balms on the market. Most men who shave use some kind of aftershave product. aftershave, you want to make sure your face is completely free of shaving cream or leftover hairs.

Post-Shave Balm: Why You Should Use It. You've First things first, don't get post-shave balm confused with aftershave of the perfume kind. The gentler version, an after-shave balm, lotion or cream, is just as at banishing the post-shave issues, as well as ease of use, packaging and. NIVEA MEN Sensitive is a specially designed after shave balm for men with sensitive skin. Apply liberally on the shaved area and massage into skin. For best.

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