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Kite flying tour in Nepal is seasonal,related with one of biggest festivals,Dasain the If you want to book a trip, you can send us an email or contact us directly by . It is September, the season of kite flying in Kathmandu. Rising above the city's skyline and up above the buildings, the blue sky is dotted with colourful kites. Meanwhile, year-old Kabina Maharjan also shared similar feelings about flying kites. She said, “A few years back, the sport used to be a.

kite-flying-2 1. Kites send a message to Indra, the god of rains, to stop the rain as the rice fields do not need more water. Legend has it that. Kite experts from South Korea unfurl their expertise in Nepali skies and share Nepalis and South Koreans share one more bond — kites and kite flying. Kite flying, one of the oldest games/sports in the world, is a popular. He also says that kite flying in Nepal is solely for the purpose of competition; it is None of his daughters however share his passion and the old man has long.

Among events that are celebrated by people in Nepal, Dashain festival Through flying kites, they want to send a reminder to the god not to.

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