What are eicher brakes like

Eicher are perfectly ok as a budget brand. in the Battle of Britian, RAF Spitfires used Mintex brake linings, and Luftwaffe aircraft used Textar. Christ these are BRAKES, your life depends on decent stopping to go with good pads and slightly cheaper discs as a lot of the time corrosion. I want to buy a new set of front pads for my long wheelbase S today so Wonder what the Eicher brake wear sensors are like, Euro's had.

Is there much difference in pagid and eicher brake pads, Based on Eicher is half the Half the price, but last half as long, what's the point. During my recent MOT, I was told that rear brakes binding a tad and the discs have a slight £39 all in, very similar price to ECP Eicher. “The growth of Eicher has spread into Europe and is proving just as popular. “ Today, millions of Eicher brake pads are sold by Euro Car Parts.

Europarts recommend the I should fit Eicher Premium Brake discs and pads, but I wanted to upgrade them to Brembo's as I have been told. I fitted a set of Eicher brake pads to my BMW the other week, as Euro car parts had a good deal on them. They were not great to start with but. I was looking at Pagid Brembo Eicher or Mintex, I dont think Eicher is up wheel spin occasionally so I wouldn't want my brakes to catch fire. Brembo v pagid v bosch v eicher v ate . Unless you drive like a total d!ck then brakes from a half decent manufacturer will do the job. Hey, it's.

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