When chaos comes calling aladdin

"When Chaos Comes Calling" is the 63rd episode of Aladdin that aired on November 23, When Mirage can't destroy Agrabah because of Aladdin, she makes a flying cat named Chaos, who has godlike powers, pay a visit to make the place unpredictable. The Disney Wiki has a collection. Morgana is initially startled but delighted when her feared visitor, Lord Chaos, an evil Cheshire cat who meddles with everything 'boringly' predictable, promises. (Setting: Morbia, in Mirage's palace.) Mirage: (evil laughter, watching a ship in a storm in a crystal ball) Oh dear! My little storm is sinking the king's ship, and now .

Discuss Aladdin - Season 1, Episode 53 - When Chaos Comes Calling: Aladdin gets overconfident, and thinks he can overcome any challenge, so Chaos (the.

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